Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Basement Tapes Raw:The Bootleg Series Vol.11

Release Date: November 4, 2014
The fall of 2014 finally saw the release of the Complete Basement Tapes, close to 50 years since their initial recording. While the complete set consisted of nine discs, the Raw collection was more affordable, featuring 38 tracks considered highlights.

The 1975 release opened a new aspect of Dylan's work that had only been available through bootlegs. Many of the songs had already been covered by other artists, popularized by The Band. The sessions began with Dylan and the Band performing some of their favorite songs, but as the sessions evolved more original work worked its way in. 

Here are some of the new tracks that stood out for me.

Disc 1

Open the Door, Homer - One of the most moving songs from the Basement Tapes: haunting harmonies with poignant lyrics.

One Too Many Mornings - A song that was a staple of Dylan and the Band's live set during their 1966 tour. In this striped down version, Dylan's weary vocal is complimented by Robbie Robertson's guitar. 

Tears of Rage - A dark, strange song that appears to deal with a parent/child tragedy (on the surface anyway). Richard Manuel provides back up vocals, and would sing lead on it for The Band LP in 1968.

I'm Not There -A song that came to prominence in the 2007 Todd Haynes film of the same title. Another dark love song about a mysterious women that has the narrator caught between divine ecstasy and insanity. Griel Marcus wrote at length on how the song is about the failure of language to express the most deep seated of feelings. 

Quinn the Eskimo - The only song from the sessions to produce a Top Ten hit (for Manfred Mann), captures the jocular atmosphere of the sessions.

Disc 2

You Ain't Goin Nowhere - Two different versions appear. The first was an early take with different lyrics that were more grotesque, more gallows humor than warmth. The second version sounds more familiar, a sure fire camp fire song for decades to come. There's a multitude of awesome covers of this one as well!

Goin' to Acapulco - Not to dissimilar from other releases, still one of Dylan's best vocals ever.

900 Miles From My Home - Great folk song, with some nice harmonies from the Band.

Blowin' in the Wind - Dylan revisited one of his early songs and transforms it into lumbering blues piece and transforms into gospel in the fadeout. One of the most unique renditions of the song Dylan has ever performed.

This Wheel's On Fire - Another song full of coded imagery with mystical overtones. Somewhere between counterculture alchemy and millennial apprehension. 

Sign on the Cross - One of the most anticipated Dylan songs to finally get a release. With some heavy Christian themes, a tale of redemption from the colonial days in the wilderness.

A worthwhile collection, but a dream come true for the Basement Tapes completist. With the growing number of releases fro  the Bootleg Collection, the line between musical archaeology and Dylan appreciation starts to blur. Nevertheless, these songs are no longer in the vaults.